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Hairbrella Rain Hat


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Protect your perfectly combed hair from clutter on rainy days using the Hairbrella raincoat. Modern and practical, this accessory features a lightweight, waterproof microfiber surface that protects your face and hair from the weather.

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Product Details

Never worry about your hair in the rain and humidity again. The Hairbrella Rain Hat is the perfect female umbrella that combines fashion and functionality to keep your hair dry and protect your style in all weather conditions. Its patented design includes an ultraviolet resistant sun visor, satin lining, adjustable shoulder strap and hidden storage pocket for easy travel and storage.


  • 100% WATERPROOF |¬†Moisture, drizzle or heavy rain - we will help you.¬†It rains an average of 106 days a year, so don't let the rain stop you.¬†Made of our waterproof microfiber polyester, your hair will remain dry and beautiful.¬†
  • SATINING |¬†Protects perfectly combed hair, maintaining softness and volume.¬†Removing the umbrella will leave no trace of the horrible hair on your hat.¬†
  • TAKE US WITH YOU |¬†The umbrella folds into a bag small enough to fit into a bag or glove compartment.¬†Always be ready, regardless of weather conditions.¬†Even better;¬†take a roll, one for a purse, car, office - you will never want to run out of straps for your hair.¬†
  • FASHION MEETS FUNCTION |¬†The perfect fashion statement: look good and stay safe.¬†Our Hairbrella is the perfect female umbrella that combines fashion and functionality to keep your hair dry and your style protected, regardless of the weather.¬†Keep your hands free for any task.¬†
  • UV PROTECTION |¬†Our waterproof PVC visor protects your face from the weather and the sun.¬†Prevents sun damage and helps maintain makeup.¬†

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