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Hammerstone Goods Lip Balm


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Taking care of yourself is more important than ever for modern man. Hammerstone Goods contains premium natural and organic ingredients so you can moisturize, hydrate and protect your lips throughout the day. It is an indispensable EDC element for men around the world.

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Product Details

HAMMERSTONE GOODS Lip balms are specially designed for men based on feedback from more than 1000 pioneers who have tested and helped shape all aspects of our development. First, we had to make sure that all of our ingredients are 100% natural, free of chemicals and certified as organic without toxic ingredients. Second, they had to really work and be ultra-functional - moisturizing and moisturizing while protecting and repairing chapped lips from the most adverse weather conditions, day and night. Thirdly, we were asked to make an oval shape so that the balms would not roll over uneven surfaces and had to have a large, thin profile so that it could easily fit into a bag with no visible bulge. Finally, we were asked to be proud of our Florida roots and to create inspiring and invigorating aromas and flavors of lemon, blood orange and truly odorless.


  • NATURAL, ORGANIC, PREMIUM INGREDIENTS - 100% natural and free of chemicals, without parabens and oil.¬†No cruelty and no gluten.¬†
  • HYDRATING, HYDRATING, PROTECTING & amp;¬†REPAIR SPLIT LIPS - Protects against aggressions and moisturizes all day, moisturizing and repairing dry and chapped lips.¬†Contains beeswax, vitamin E, sunflower oil and coconut oil.¬†
  • UNIQUE, UNIQUE OVAL DESIGN - Stand or rest on any surface without rolling.¬†It fits neatly and discreetly in any pocket.¬†
  • MADE IN FLORIDA (USA) - Tropical flavor and invigorating aromas of Key Lime + Mint.¬†Creates a pleasant mint tingling sensation on the lips.¬†
  • FOR MEN & amp;¬†KIDS - designed by men for men and children.¬†A great gift for you and someone special.¬†Everyday clothes for pioneers at home or in nature.¬†

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