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Hanging Curve Chair


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Relax in style while laying your tired bones on the curved suspended chair. The impressive design of the chair guarantees maximum comfort, as its body follows the smooth curves of the chair, while the suspension with suspension provides a smooth swing.

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Product Details

Give your body a smooth urban balance curve and let your imagination run wild. As you settle in and adjust to a new level of relaxation, you are overwhelmed by a sense of serenity and tranquility and, before you know it, you will have a complete case of serenity. Okay, because I hope you have nowhere to go and where it flows anywhere. Urban Balance Curve is built with the highest quality materials, such as aluminum frames coated with epoxy and weatherproof wicker, strictly complying with the highest manufacturing standards.


  • Extremely durable and low maintenance. 
  • Accessories, including clip, chain-shaped hook. 
  • Impressive design. 
  • Light
  • Internal / external use

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