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Hanging Testicles Stress Balls


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Help maintain your sanity during your busy week of work by stroking a pair of cute, plump eggs. This pair of smooth, hanging testicles can be placed on any table, promoting relaxation in a way that only squeezing a pair of juicy jellies can match.

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Product Details

NiceBalls We are pleased to introduce NiceBalls to you. NiceBalls is a suspended prosthesis that can be fixed simply, discreetly and efficiently to the work table. This invention can fulfill a dream that has been shared by millions of people for centuries: to be productive while playing with the ball. Relaxation NiceBalls is carefully crafted, its suspension speed creates a Euclidean curve that promotes relaxation and provides several moments of escapism that we all need from time to time. Then, after playing with your balls for a while, you can change your mode back to "Pop your balls". This soothing and functional stress reliever takes therapy to the next level and is a wonderfully well-thought-out birthday gift to strengthen your hands and relieve stress. Globally, NiceBalls has spread to all corners of the world and NiceBalls groping gradually contribute to world peace with less stress. Last year, we introduced the Niceballs prototype to the world. In a matter of days, the idea sparked media interest around the world. We receive emails in more than 30 different languages. Everyone wanted their pair of Niceballs! So much so that we decided to continue its production, of course, for the benefit of humanity. Would you like to help us make Niceballs an accessible reality? Buy with confidence, they are so easy to carry!


  • NiceBalls |¬†We have just launched an improved version of NiceBalls with greater softness and smoothness, maintaining the original iconic design.¬†Let's call them "NiceBalls 2.0"
  • Ease of use |¬†Relieve the discomfort and tension in your hands with a very simple two-step process: just squeeze and release!¬†Place it under your desk for maximum efficiency, when work makes you tense or tense, NiceBalls supports you!¬†
  • Functionality |¬†Eliminates knots and muscle tension, breaks adhesions and stimulates blood flow.¬†Designed to recreate the feel of an egg massage, people of all genders can now experience the therapeutic relief of squeezing the testicles.¬†
  • Durability |¬†What makes NiceBalls excellent are the materials that make it a reality.¬†NiceBalls is made of hypoallergenic PVC and hypoallergenic oil.¬†You can be sure that your balls will be compressed for many years.¬†
  • The best gag gift |¬†NiceBalls is a gift that only a true friend can give.¬†Its suspension frequency creates a Euclidean curve that promotes relaxation.¬†Who doesn't want their friends to relax?¬†Only bad people do.¬†

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