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Heated Microwaveable Foot Booties


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On those cold winter days, your boots will look nice and cozy with these heated microwave boots. They will not only warm you up, but will penetrate deeply, relieving stress and pain. They can even be frozen to treat the cold.

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  • HOT & amp; COLD BOOTS - Thermotherapy boots provide a soothing, long-lasting, deeply penetrating, hot or cold weight therapy. Soothing healing is achieved through the heat emanating from a mixture of herbs, including lavender, mint and more. 
  • RELIEVE STRESS AND PAIN - The heated Mars Wellness shoes heat up in the microwave in minutes or freeze in the freezer for colds. therapy in just a few minutes. These warm toe boots with weight are perfect for relieving pain or just relaxing and relieving stress or anxiety. 
  • PRESENT FOR PERFECT HEALTH. The Mars Wellness heated boots are the perfect gift. Whether you are looking for aromatherapy gifts for women or men. These warm and scented shoes will never disappoint, they will make your family or friends the gift of a stress-free life. 
  • ALL NATURAL - 100% natural herbs and flax seeds infused with 12 natural herbs and other aromatic ingredients - Made in the USA from calming natural herbs like lavender and others. 
  • MADE WITH LOVE - Mars Wellness or Aromatherapy Heat wraps and liners are carefully handcrafted here in the USA. 

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