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Heated Shoe Insoles


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The heated insoles keep your feet warm, no matter how ridiculously cold the weather is. These custom rechargeable insoles fit perfectly in the trunk and are controlled by a convenient wireless remote control.

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Product Details

This heater offers convenient remote control, without wires or external batteries. And up to 2,500 hours of heat to keep your feet warm.


  • The rechargeable foot warmer is controlled by a wireless remote control while the foot warmer is inside your shoes or boots.¬†4.5 5.5 inches (men) / 6 7 inches (women)
  • Uses high-tech wireless thermal technology, extension cables, velcro strips or battery & amp strip clips ;¬†the batteries are not attached to the ankle, shoes or waist.¬†
  • Lithium-ion polymer batteries embedded in heated insoles are rechargeable.¬†

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