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Hello Kitty Bed


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Make any girl’s dreams come true with the Hello Kitty bedspread.¬†This playful hypoallergenic bedspread fits into any double bed and turns it into a giant Hello Kitty that your child never tires of.¬†It is also machine washable, so it looks new.

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Product Details

Incredibel and Sanrio teamed up to create a new collection of the cutest kittens in the world. This adorable bedspread for two beds has a hypoallergenic upholstered head, arms you can hug and beautiful legs. This exclusive bed cover is fixed on a double mattress and has no wooden or metal structure, making it the perfect transition bed that grows with your child. Made of soft microfiber, this amazing bed with excellent quality construction and materials looks like Hello Kitty.


  • Fully padded hypoallergenic appendages, industrially sewn to withstand years of machine washing.¬†
  • Machine wash or clean in place with an internal pad requiring a large washing machine.¬†
  • Double mattress set sold separately - fits double, single or 3-foot single beds with base.¬†
  • The soft fabric sheet your baby sleeps on can be easily removed.¬†

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