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Hidden Camera Smoke Detector


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Follow each member of your family. Help keep your family safe by equipping your home with a hidden camera smoke detector. Each detector is equipped with a small camera so you can see if the room is safe in an emergency.

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Product Details

A useful observation should be simple and accurate. Install this smoke detector anywhere and forget about it. Rest assured that the hidden camera is ready to record at the right time. Its ultra-fast thermal sensor is unmatched in the industry and activates the camera immediately if someone enters the frame. Even in total darkness, the hidden camera records clear video on the included micro SD card (2 GB card included, accepts cards up to 64 GB). (Please be aware that this device does not record or store audio in accordance with U.S. federal regulations)


  • Save your home & amp;¬†Familiar
  • Professional-grade temperature sensor recording.¬†
  • Record videos in total darkness.¬†
  • Up to 30 days of battery life.¬†

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