Hidden Flask Ice Pack


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Take a sip easily in any public place where bottles are prohibited, bringing this hidden ice pack from the bottles with you. This discreet bottle is made of BPA-free food-safe plastic and has an impressive 14-ounce capacity for you to share with your friends.

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Product Details

The ice bottle is an easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, reusable (or, alternatively, disposable) sneak bottle that is hidden from view, disguised as a normal ice bag. Wash with soap and water, fill with your favorite drink and remove. The biggest advantage of the Chill Pack is that its discreet bottle design already mixes naturally and discreetly with cold food and drinks, making it ideal for outdoor use. The Ice Pack hides well in refrigerators and food bags, so you can take your invisible bottle to picnics, gates, shows in the park, on a fishing boat or along with rafting - basically where people tend to relax and cool off . It is almost as complicated when it comes to indoor use. Your ice bottle will fit on the refrigerator or freezer shelf as if it were a permanent and silent resident. Empty your cooling pack (cheers!) Clean it between uses and then recharge it. Repeatedly, both on the outside and on the inside. The Chill Pack has 14 floors. $ 12.99 ounce capacity, is made entirely of BPA-free plastic safe for food and is a durable, fully portable reusable concealed bottle.


  • FULLY IN STEALTH MODE!¬†Its secret bottle contains 14 ounces.¬†and can be easily hidden in a refrigerator, packed in breakfast bags or even in a work freezer.¬†
  • SUITABLE SECRET BOTTLE FOR Refrigerators, packed lunches and freezer shelves.¬†Bring your hidden bottle to the beach, to concerts in the park, to the fishing boat - wherever you are a little thirsty.¬†
  • SAFE FOOD PLASTIC.¬†Your hidden bottle is a BPA-free, reusable or disposable safety bottle.¬†How often and for how long you will use it is entirely up to you.¬†
  • EASY TO CLEAN.¬†Add a few drops of soap to the secret bottle and fill 3/4 of water.¬†Close the lid tightly and shake.¬†Empty and rinse the hidden bottle until the water comes out clean.¬†
  • ADD TO CART NOW to start a series of the best decisions you'll ever make.¬†Congratulations!¬†