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Hidden Flask Mittens


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Fight the cold by staying warm in more ways than with these hidden bottle gloves. The left glove not only protects your fingers from the cold weather, but also features an inconspicuous three-ounce bottle that you can swallow with your thumb.

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Product Details

Pss ... These are not your usual gloves. They have a secret! These complicated gloves will not only keep you warm, but will also keep your drink close at hand! The left glove features a reusable 4-ounce bottle that is carefully stored and out of sight to keep you warm inside and out in any cold climate. The acrylic bottle has a lockable lid to prevent it from getting lost and a funnel for easy refilling. Gloves are lined with wool for comfort and warmth. Depending on availability, they can be red or black. DCI Hidden Flask Mittens are a fun and convenient way to enjoy your favorite drink while fighting the cold, making them the perfect gift for friends.


  • Left Gauntlet contains a refillable 4-ounce bottle, carefully stored and out of sight. 
  • The bottle includes a mooring cap to prevent it from being lost and a funnel for easy refilling. 
  • The bottle is made of acrylic and the gloves are lined with wool for greater comfort and warmth. 
  • One size fits most and different colors of red and black are selected based on availability. 
  • The perfect gift for friends, these gloves will keep you warm inside and out. 

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