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High Heel Protector


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Avoid public humiliation at a social event by making sure that a pair of high heels is securely attached to the base of your heels. This is a simple plastic box that slides directly over a thin high heel to prevent accidental breakage.

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  • HEEL PROTECTION AND PROTECTION - These heels prevent your heels from sinking into the grass, sidewalks, trellises, decks and cobblestones, making them ideal for weddings, outdoor parties and everyday life. 
  • STRONG AND ELEGANT DESIGN. The unique design of these stylish heel supports helps protect the heel from injury and allows women to walk more easily on tall grass and unstable surfaces. End the fight with heel protectors that fit him perfectly. 
  • NARROW BLACK - These protectors are ideal for thinner heels that are 6 to 8 mm or more. Enjoy the comfort and safety that only Solemates can offer. 
  • THE PERFECT GIFT - Whether you're walking down the aisle or wishing to give your friends a small but practical sign of thanks, give your friends a gift they'll love. 
  • HOW TO SEE AT THE SHARK TANK - Our American shoe guards spoke loudly and clearly with Robert Herjaveck and Kevin O'Leary. See for yourself what these sharks are talking about! 

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