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High Heel Protectors


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Say goodbye to broken heels by wearing high heel protectors on designer stiletto heels before hitting the road. These discreet and reusable heel protectors slide easily over a stiletto heel to ensure that they remain structurally intact when walking through the city.

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Product Details

Introducing a new protection for high heels: a solution to the problem of wearing high heels on unsuitable surfaces. Walking on surfaces like grass and cobblestones wearing high heels can be very challenging. Or even dangerous. The chances of your shoes sinking into the grass or mud are incredibly high. This can not only damage your precious shoes, but it can also cause a sprained ankle or fall and ruin your beautiful outfit. Fortunately, with the use of these heel protectors, you can walk with more stability, confidence and minimize the risk of accidents! Why these high heel protectors above are an accessory that every woman should have: 1. They will save you the embarrassment of falling in public in high heels! 3. They come in a stylish bag that is incredibly compact. And it allows you to carry your heel protectors with ease wherever you go! 4. They are invisible when walking and will be difficult for people to notice, and you don't have to worry about being uncomfortable using them! 5.They effectively prevent high heels from sinking into soft surfaces such as dirt, grass and cracks! What are you waiting for? Scroll up and click "Add to cart"! SIZE CHART Each package contains two pairs of CLEAR or BLACK heels on the top. Two different sizes included. Small and medium size are included in each standard box. Adapts to 11-12.5 mm jumps. For an average 13-15mm heel. The dimensions of the STILETTO box are very small and very thin. Very small size for jumps of 9.5-11 mm. The Super Skinny size fits in 7.5-9mm heels.


  • PERFECT FOR PASSING ON THE GRASS: An indispensable accessory for weddings, celebrations and outdoor parties - it looks good and comfortable without slipping and allows you to walk on the grass without any problems!¬†
  • THEY PROTECT YOUR HIGH TABLE.¬†By using these heel protectors, you can literally prevent your precious high heels or stiletto heels from breaking while you walk on surfaces like dirt, cracks, railings or grass.¬†
  • THEY PROTECT YOUR LEGS.¬†: Wearing high heels is no longer a risk for you when wearing Heels Above heel protectors.¬†They effectively protect you from injuries and falls when walking on uneven surfaces!¬†
  • EASY SAFE: just put them in the bonus bag and throw them in your bag if you need to put on your high heels!¬†
  • PERFECT AND ACCURATE FIT: Each package contains two pairs of transparent or black heel protectors (two different sizes).¬†Just make sure you choose the correct size by checking the instructions in the product description below!¬†

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