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Himalayan Pink Salt Zen Garden


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Take the stress out of your day by adding this Zen garden with pink Himalayan salt to your room decor. The garden is not made of old, smooth sand, but of crushed Himalayan salt and three large stones of salt, all illuminated from below to accentuate its natural pink glow.

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Product Details

Made from pure Himalayan pink salt, the Himalayan Glow Zen Garden is a great way to relax and refocus your mind and energy. This product comes with three larger pieces of crystalline salt that are deliberately added to increase the healing energy in your Zen garden. It is a natural way to become more alert, balanced and attract positive energy with the tried and tested salt therapy. The pure pink salt of the Himalayas looks good in the light, emitting a warm amber glow and purifying the air. It can also provide additional relief from respiratory and skin problems, while detoxifying the surrounding air. Himalayan Glow Zen Garden is perfect for any home or office to be cured at your convenience. ok for children> Although safe and not dangerous, it is not recommended for playing or being used by children. The salt needs to be moved to prevent it from melting> The Zen garden was designed so that the salt is not exposed to sufficient heat to melt, however, as a calming effect, it is recommended to sweep and move the salt as desired.


  • The Zen Garden is made of 100% natural Himalayan pink salt crystals, both small and three larger stones for the additional benefits of a pure and pure product.¬†
  • Using a Zen garden is a great way to relieve stress and focus, gently collecting salt and collecting larger crystals.¬†
  • When burned, it also purifies the air and emits a warm amber glow, increasing its calming and relaxing effect.¬†
  • Three healing crystals can be rearranged according to your personal preference and provide many balanced energies.¬†
  • This Himalayan pink salt zen garden is a great addition to your home or office because it promotes relaxation in a convenient compact size.¬†
  • These beautiful Zen mini-gardens are elegantly wrapped and make a great gift.¬†
  • Power: 15.0 W.

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