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Home Beer Draft System


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Transform any can or bottled beer into a pint of fresh beer with this homemade beer distribution system.¬†It uses sound waves to transform the beer’s natural carbonation into homogeneous and compact bubbles that enhance the aroma and enrich the flavor.

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Product Details

Exclusive to the Internet! Create a bar atmosphere wherever you go with the Fizzes Way draft beer system. He can turn his favorite cans or bottles into draft beer in seconds. Sound waves transform natural carbonation into the perfect micro-foam that enhances the aroma and enriches the texture and flavor of your beer. The Fizzes Way tap system is a great home bar accessory, but its lightweight, portable design also makes it ideal for walks, parties and picnics.


  • Designed using patented liquid and sonic technology to enhance the aroma, texture and flavor of bottled or canned beer.¬†
  • The sound waves transform the beer's natural carbonation into compacted microbubbles that create a rich, creamy foam for your favorite beer.¬†
  • Works with all beer styles, including IPA, pilsner, ale, stout, porters, lager, shandy, etc.¬†
  • Powered by 4 standard AA batteries.¬†Light and durable, making it ideal for outdoor activities, picnics, camping, ponytail rides and more.¬†
  • Does not require Co2 cartridges.¬†Easy to use: pour the beer, pull forward on the tap, slide upwards.¬†
  • Compatible with 12 to 25 ounce cans and 12 ounce bottles.¬†The Waytap soft base can be removed for cleaning.¬†

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