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Home Planetarium Star Projector


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Instantly fill any room in your home with the beauty of space, by turning on the star projector on your home planetarium. It features advanced multilayer glass lenses to create an impressive screen that projects 60,000 dazzling stars onto your room’s walls or ceiling.

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Product Details

Finally, something is going on in our living room after the Big Bang! FLUX is our most powerful and advanced stellar projector to date. Space travel is obsolete, as you can now simply bring 60,000 stars to your room with the press of a button. Sega Homestar Flux features • Multilayer glass lenses with advanced optics create a great design • Individual 5W warm white LEDs for better visibility • Quiet and relaxing rotating disk • USB cable that allows you to use the AC or AC adapter without an outlet • Perfectly smooth focus button Enhanced shooting star • Beautiful packaging (gift and storage) • More than 30 star discs and all new panoramic discs available for purchase • Satin black finish with moon crater indicated Imagine watching the stars sitting comfortably on your sofa or lying in bed. With the Homestar Flux Planetarium, this dream comes true at its best. Glass lenses project an incredibly accurate sky with 60,000 high-definition stars on a ceiling or wall. A rotation movement is possible, allowing you to observe the night sky as we see it. With the shooting star feature, you can even dream big! The projection angle and focus are adjustable and a convenient timer automatically turns off. More than 30 additional star discs and all new stage disc motifs are available for purchase. Design details for high and low ceilings or walls (4 feet 7 "to 8 feet 10") Includes: Sega Homestar Flux Planetarium star projector, two star discs (northern hemisphere with and without constellations), USB cable and plug, English manual and German in Chinese, stellar map of the northern and southern hemispheres, elegant gift and storage box package including projector: 7.5 x 7.5 x 9 feet, 3 lb 11 oz.


  • Design 60,000 sparkling high definition stars on the ceiling or wall of your room. 
  • New October 2018: FLUX is our most powerful and advanced model available to date. 
  • Leading brand with 5W Warm White LED technology. 
  • Advanced multilevel glass lenses for vibrant projection. 
  • Silent disc rotation, USB cable, 2 discs included and more than 30 additional star discs and all new stage effects disc motifs available for purchase

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