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Home Theater Leather Sofa


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Enjoy a movie night at home watching your favorite movies in the comfort of this leather home theater sofa. This incredibly comfortable sofa is equipped with features such as adjustable headrests, adjustable lumbar support, a folding table and even a wireless charger.

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Product Details

Combining elements of the most popular chairs, upholstery architecture, configurations and features requested, Seatcraft Vienna offers reliable satisfaction in all aspects. This is a chair in which everyone will find something for themselves. Due to their internal upholstery, construction and design, chairs built with their infrastructure in mind are often described as the most comfortable Seatcraft chairs, mainly due to their design on one of the original Seatcraft chairs, Equinox. With an apparently comfortable design under the "rigid-looking structure", supportive padding layers soothe you, creating countless comforts; electric lumbar support, electric headrest, USB charging ports, storage in hand, cup holders, reclining backrest and much more. A powerful piece of furniture for any living room, Vienna can fit in any space and delight anyone with its feature set, Top-Grain 7000 leather construction and elegant, sophisticated look that brings it all together. Features: Armchairs upholstered in genuine leather with top grain> Adjustable electric headrest> Adjustable central folding lumbar table with charging station and cup holder> Hidden storage compartments> Stainless steel cup holder> USB charging> Wall mounted sofa : 43 "x 85" x 41 "d fully reclined: 70" d Wall Hugger: 6.5 "package includes 1 x sofa 2 x prefabricated movable trays arrive partially assembled, back separated for ease of movement


  • ✅ BEST MATERIAL: Premium quality genuine leather selected manually from the 30% best leathers, for better touch, appearance and durability. 
  • ✅ BIGGEST COMFORT: Experience unprecedented levels of comfort with electric reclining, electric adjustable headrest, electric adjustable lumbar support and memory function - all at your fingertips. 
  • ✅ BOAT SEAT FOR HOME: Enjoy a cinema experience Experience yourself in your own home with convenient features such as stainless steel cup holders, storage compartments hidden in your hands, a rotating table for each seat and a folding table with variable current, USB and wireless charging. 
  • ✅ DIMENSIONS: 85 "wide, 43" high, 41 "long vertical, 70" long fully reclined, 22 "deep seat.
  • 🚚 NOTE. Includes free delivery on the sidewalk. For shipping and internal assembly, send us a message before placing the order. Your furniture will be dispatched with enhanced protection for your safety. travel to your home

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