Hot Ones Truth Or Dab


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You are guaranteed to feel the heat in many ways when playing Hot Ones Truth or Dab. Players will be forced to answer uncomfortable questions that will burn bridges with friends, as well as burn their insides with The Last Dab hot sauce.

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As in the program, the game is simple: answer deeply personal and potentially embarrassing questions or face the final impact. With 250 question cards and the official Last Dab hot sauce, this game will cheer you up the next night! There are 4 types of question cards: True, Roast, Pop Quiz and BFF Trivia. Each letter of truth will make you think, respond or dive into spiceville. Find out what your friends really think of you with fried cards. Test your knowledge with Trivia cards: make a mistake and experiment. End each round with a One Up card, where all players are desperately trying to count each other's answers. The weak answer must be pasted. As with the show, there is no real winner. It is a great reward to watch your friends squirm with questions and sauce. The game includes 150 Truth Cards, 25 Pop Quiz Cards, 34 Fried Quiz Cards, 10 BFF Quiz Cards and 31 Individual Cards, 8 spoons and Last Blow Hot Sauce (50 ml).


  • This is your chance to be in the spotlight, answering deeply personal and potentially embarrassing questions or facing the Final Impact.¬†
  • This group game consists of 250 questions that players face each other.¬†burn bridges and remember past stories that we all try to forget.¬†
  • Play Hot One's Truth Or Dab with Official Last Dab Hot Sauce, Heat Level 10/10 and Scovill Rating of 2,000,000.¬†
  • Includes: 150 Letters of Truth, 34 Fried Letters, 25 Popular Test Letters, 10 BFF Test Cards and 31 one-up cards, 8 spoons and Last Dab hot sauce (50 ml).¬†
  • Brought to you by the creators of Hot Ones Truth or Dab.¬†
  • Group play for children from 17 years old
  • Number of players: 3 to 6 players