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Hot Sauce Advent Calendar


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Make your holidays less cold by warming up the atmosphere with this hot sauces advent calendar. This delightful Advent calendar is filled with 25 2-ounce glass bottles filled with old-fashioned Louisiana-style hot sauces that are sure to remain unforgettable.

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  • BEST HUGE SAUCE GIFT! If you want to give your hot sauce lover the greatest gift of your life, look no further. This spicy gourmet sample is the answer to your research and is sure to please anyone who has it all. 
  • 25 DIFFERENT TASTY HOT SAUCE! Each is a 2-ounce glass bottle with a unique fragrance of hot, slow-boiling Louisiana-style sauces, prepared the old-fashioned Creole way. Each has its own Christmas-themed label. Made in the Cajun style, this collection features a wide variety of condiments, from the lightest pepper to the hottest on the planet. 
  • EXCLUSIVE! A unique, high-quality, professionally designed box offers the ability to refill and reuse year after year at Christmas. 
  • EXCLUSIVE! The 25 coolest hot sauce labels will keep you entertained every day when you open your desk drawer. The following peppers were used to make the sauce: Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion, Ghost Pepper, Cayenne, Tabasco, Habanero, Banana, Anaheim, Jalapeno, Serrano and Scotch Bonnet! 
  • 100% GUARANTEE! "Is there a money-back guarantee? YES! Your purchase is backed by a 100% risk-free and serious 90-day money-back guarantee. Either you love it, or we don't need your money! Find out why Amazon customers make our Christmas Calendar with hot sauce a must! »

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