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Hot Sauce Challenge Pack


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Let your taste buds and anus fail in the hot sauce test kit.¬†The package includes a set of small 0.75-ounce bottles containing 12 different types of sauces, ranging from “soft” to “hot”.

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Product Details

CHALLENGE: You or a friend examine all 12 bottles of hot sauce from 0.75 oz. From LOW to HOT!


  • HOT SAUCE PROBLEM BOOK: We challenge you and your friends to swallow all 12-0.75 oz bottles in this set.¬†This set includes: spicy sauce with bacon;¬†Hot lemon and pepper sauce;¬†Sriracha hot sauce;¬†Hot Cajun Sauce;¬†Original hot sauce;¬†Hot wasabi sauce;¬†Hot fried garlic sauce;¬†Hell's hot habanero sauce;¬†Hell's hot sauce "Devil's Revenge";¬†Ghost hot pepper sauce
  • HIGH QUALITY: this set of hot sauce for gifts is made with only the best ingredients, such as habanero pepper, cayenne pepper, jalapenos, sriracha, wasabi and spicy lime.¬†Some of the sauces in this set contain 1 million Scoville capsicum extract, enough to make your mouth burn like hell!¬†Full of so much hellish heat and mouth-watering flavor, you won't find any other quality pepper sauce like this.¬†
  • SET OF HOT SAUCE GIFTS: Looking for unique hot sauce gifts to give to your loved ones.¬†holiday season, but can‚Äôt decide what they‚Äôll like?¬†Surprise them with this set of hot sauces, perfect for true heat connoisseurs.¬†With 12 different tantalizing flavors, they are sure to find their new favorite.¬†So don't worry, giving gifts has become as easy as peeling pears!¬†
  • IDEAL PROBE FOR HOT SAUCE: Variety is said to be the highlight of life, so here's a selection of hot sauces that will definitely spice things up!¬†Why choose just one hot sauce when you can drink 12?¬†This set is distinguished not only by its unique flavor, but also by its convenience.¬†Take-out bottles are perfect for travel, so you never have to leave the house without your favorite hot sauce.¬†
  • NEW FAVORITE PARTY: With the hottest sauce on the market, this gift set is made for tasting friends!¬†There is no better way to entertain guests at the next party than to invite them to try the 12 flavors.¬†Never again will your weekly game night be bored with this incredible book of hot sauces.¬†

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