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  • Touch Sensitive PlantsTouch Sensitive Plants 1

    Touch Sensitive Plants

    If you think that plants have no senses, then you’ve never encountered touch-sensitive plants before.┬áThese timid Mimosa Pudica plants remain immobile until touched, but as soon as they feel your touch, the plant comes to life and comes to life in a beautiful and dazzling way.

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  • Reclining Office Chair

    Reclining Office Chair

    Transform your workspace into your home away from home by equipping your cabin with a reclining office chair. This luxurious padded leather armchair reclines fully back and has a comfortable footrest that slides out for maximum comfort and relaxation.

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  • Japanese Moss Ball AquariumJapanese Moss Ball Aquarium 1

    Japanese Moss Ball Aquarium

    Bring nature to your home with this Japanese moss ball aquarium.┬áEach small glass sphere contains a tiny aquatic ecosystem with sand, a small shell and a ball of moss – perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere.

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  • The Quick Drying Bath Towel

    The Quick Drying Bath Towel

    Dry to the bone every morning. A bath towel that looks like a waffle bear hug. It absorbs moisture like a new dish sponge and dries as if your job depends on it. Includes a strong bow for hanging + DIY pouch included with each towel.

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  • Super Chunky Knit BlanketSuper Chunky Knit Blanket 1

    Super Chunky Knit Blanket

    Protect yourself from the cold while staying incredibly hot by wrapping yourself in this super thick knitted blanket.┬áThe blanket is handmade with natural sheep’s wool using a giant jersey, about five centimeters thick, and is available in three different sizes.

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  • Monkey LampsMonkey Lamps 1

    Monkey Lamps

    Add fun charm to any part of your home with these fun monkey lamps. The ingenious design creates the illusion that some mischievous monkeys grabbed their lamps and hung around the room to provide you with great lighting.

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  • Rainbow Kaleidoscope Solar Path LightRainbow Kaleidoscope Solar Path Light 1

    Rainbow Kaleidoscope Solar Path Light

    Breathe new life into your patio at night with this rainbow kaleidoscope of the sun’s path.┬áThe lamp has a pointed bottom for easy installation and is hand painted to shine in a multitude of vibrant colors when turned on.

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  • Human Hand Sticky Notes

    Human Hand Sticky Notes

    Why settle for boring notes when you can express your point of view on handwritten sticky notes. These palm-sized stickers allow you to take quick notes and reminders in a notebook that resembles a human hand. It is ideal for those who always write with folded hands.

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