Housewarming Gifts

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  • Taxidermy Bat LanternsTaxidermy Bat Lanterns 1

    Taxidermy Bat Lanterns

    If you are looking for an item that will really make your humble home stand out and unforgettable, take a look at these plush bat lanterns. These dark pieces are almost 50 centimeters high and will bring a vibrant and macabre atmosphere to any environment.

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  • Adjustable Burger PressAdjustable Burger Press 1

    Adjustable Burger Press

    Become a master at making delicious sliders with this adjustable hamburger press. Made of durable ABS plastic, this small accessory can be adjusted to make perfect sliders of 1, 2 or 3 ounces and 3 inches in diameter.

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  • Datable Lid Storage Contaner

    Datable Lid Storage Contaner

    Help prevent food from spoiling by placing it in this storage container with a lid. Available in 3 sizes from 23 to 81 ounces, they feature easy-to-read date dials that can be conveniently adjusted by turning clockwise and counterclockwise.

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  • Ancient Buddha Zen Garden TerrariumAncient Buddha Zen Garden Terrarium 1

    Ancient Buddha Zen Garden Terrarium

    Get the interior from the comfort of your home with Zen Buddha’s Ancient Garden Terrarium.┬áThis Buddha is sitting in the middle of a peaceful garden covered in vegetation, which together create a calm environment in front of which you can meditate.

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  • Taco Bar Serving Platter

    Taco Bar Serving Platter

    Make your taco game even more fun on Tuesday’s tacos by putting all of your mouth-watering tacos on the taco bar’s serving plate.┬áThis ceramic taco server is divided into compartments labeled with space for everything from tortillas to cheese and comes with a silver serving spoon.

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  • Bug Vacuum

    Bug Vacuum

    Exterminate all insects that dare to enter your home with relentless efficiency using your insect vacuum cleaner. This portable vacuum cleaner outperforms traditional fly swatters, allowing you to vacuum almost any scary crawler robot with a simple pull of the trigger.

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  • Pelican Emergency Lighting Station

    Pelican Emergency Lighting Station

    The Pelican emergency lighting station is a convenient device that will not leave you in the dark during a power outage. It emits a bright green light of 378 lumens and can be installed on almost any wall in your home for maximum convenience.

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  • Bite Sized Food CutterBite Sized Food Cutter 1

    Bite Sized Food Cutter

    Make lunchtime more attractive to demanding little eaters by cutting their meals with this small scissors. It is made of high quality food safe material that allows you to instantly cut food into 12 small squares that can be eaten individually.

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