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Hulk Statue


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The Hulk statue allows you to take your beloved Avenger home without fear that he will turn your house into ruins. This incredibly detailed statue is almost 25 centimeters tall and displays all the muscles of the Hulk’s huge body in a pose that suggests he is ready to straighten up.

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Product Details

From Kotobukiya! Marvel Comics is the next major property to receive ARTFX + Kotobukiya statue treatment, so it is clear that the first episode is none other than The Avengers, specifically the characters as they appear in Marvel Now. For the first release of Avengers ARTFX +. well, he is big, green and always angry. it's HULK! Bruce Banner was a scientist who was studying the effects of gamma radiation when he was caught in an explosion. Instead of destroying him, the energies turned him into a huge green-skinned Hulk! The Avenger stands in a classic comic book pose, leaning sideways and forward with his arms outstretched. The Hulk keeps his front hand open as if he wants to provoke his enemies, although the right hand behind him is clenched in a fist to deliver a powerful blow! The Hulk is fantastically detailed, with intricate musculature down to the veins and veins, and the sharp grimace on his face reveals a fury that he cannot contain in battle. Banner's alter ego wears his traditional torn purple pants (the Hulk would not be complete without them), and his skin is expertly colored in various shades of green. The huge Hulk is just under 25 centimeters tall (on the ARTFX + 1/10 scale) in the included magnetic holder. The Hulk will be joined by his fellow Avengers with the upcoming releases of Hawkeye, Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man and Thor, so let him start his collection!


  • Japanese imports from Kotobukiya. 
  • Based on the conceptual art by Adi Granov for the Kotobukiya Avengers NOW ARTFX + series. 
  • Beautifully sculpted on a 1/10 scale. 
  • Almost 25 centimeters in height. 
  • Highly detailed muscles and veins. 

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