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Ice Cream Cooling Bowl


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To prevent frozen treats from melting into a sticky mass, eat them from this ice cream container. This BPA-free acrylic bowl has walls filled with a special cooling gel designed to keep the bowl at 43 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Product Details

Just place the Ice Cream FREEZE in the freezer for 4 hours, add as many balls as you like and enjoy! Our patented cooling gel will keep your ice cream cold for hours and the insulated silicone strap makes it easy to hold. Dessert is served.


  • ICE CREAM NOW HAS A PERFECT SERVICE! - The HOST ice cream bowl has been specially designed to be the best ice cream bowl of all time. It keeps your ice cream and other treats frozen while you eat, even on the hottest summer days. 
  • KEEP MEDICINES FROZEN - The bowl of the Host Ice Cream freezer is freezing and BPA free. Plastic construction. This allows you to stay cold and stay cold for hours, while keeping ice cream, frozen yogurt, frozen cream and other chilled treats. 
  • GEL MAGIC. cooling gel. Place this bowl in the freezer for four hours to freeze, and the ice cream, ice cream and other foods will maintain the ideal freezing temperature for several hours. 
  • NOT JUST FOR ICE CREAM! ALSO KEEP PARSLEY AND COLD SAUCE - Use these isolated bowls as cereal bowls or even soup bowls for gazpacho or cold cucumber soup. Keep the yogurt cool, ice cream sorbet, fresh for immersion and frozen ice cream. 
  • EASY TO HOLD WITH THE COMFORT OF SILICON TIGHTENING - Despite the freezing temperatures, these kitchen appliances are easy to handle thanks to the isolated silicone strips. Made of BPA-free plastic, this kitchen accessory suitable for children is ideal for outdoor use. 

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