Indoor Hydroponic Garden Side Table


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This homemade hydroponic garden table is perfect for city dwellers looking for fresh herbs and spices from the farm, but there is no space for a garden. This requires all the hard work of growing, allowing you to have a fresh supply of vegetables throughout the year.

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Fresh produce is just an arm's length away, all year round, with the Miracle Gro Twelve in-house cultivation system. This versatile home gardening system was created to facilitate hydroponic cultivation and home gardening. The system is specially designed for the internal cultivation of large amounts of green leaves, herbs and flowers such as lettuce, cabbage, mint, basil and marigolds. It is easy to use thanks to its compact design that fits easily in any space in your home and can be used as a highlight table. This water-based system helps nutrients to flow directly to the roots, allowing for a faster growth cycle (compared to traditional gardening). The Miracle Gro Twelve app, connected via Bluetooth, allows you to monitor water levels, control lighting, set a growth schedule and receive important notifications. Supplied with 1 transplant kit (contains latex), 2 bags of plant nutrients and 1 seed starter kit (seeds not included). You just need to add seeds or start from a young plant to start growing with your Miracle Gro Twelve indoor growing system. Grow your favorite food 365 days a year with Miracle Gro Twelve.


  • Miracle Gro Twelve is a fully integrated indoor growing system that simplifies the hydroponic process so you can grow a wide variety of green leaves, herbs and flowers in your home all year round, just add seeds, seedlings or start with young plant
  • Includes 1 transplant kit (contains latex), 2 bags of plant nutrients and 1 seed cultivation kit (seeds not included).¬†Grow your favorite food indoors all year round with the Miracle Gro Twelve Indoor Cultivation System
  • Bluetooth connected, eliminates guesswork and allows you to control the system directly from your phone using the Miracle Gro Twelve app.¬†
  • The Miracle Gro Twelve indoor cultivation system has been specially designed for indoor gardening.¬†Grow up to 4 plants to add greenery to your home and bring freshness to your kitchen.¬†
  • Sophisticated design as a standout table to make indoor cultivation simple, easy and beautiful, which matches perfectly with your existing decor