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Indoor Suctioned Window/Wall Planter


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Easily add a touch of life and color to any part of your home with these Range Cover Window / Wall Planters. Available in vibrant colors like lime green, blue, green and purple, each flower pot can be placed comfortably on smooth surfaces and windows.

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Product Details

Livi Pot's creators believe that by reimagining the smallest and most common everyday products, we can create valuable experiences and impact our well-being.¬†Livi is a versatile seeder for vertical and horizontal surfaces.¬†Although its design is inspired by nature, Livi's palms are made of an innovative nanotechnological material - micro suction cups that adhere continuously to smooth, clean and dry surfaces, such as windows.¬†Your plants will receive the necessary light when you transform your window into a beautiful vertical garden.¬†Grow your own vegetation or decorate areas with succulents and cacti.¬†Just remove the protective film from the palms (suction cups) and Livi is ready to stick to any flat, smooth, clean and dry surface of your home or office with light pressure.¬†* Please note that Livi Planter will NOT stick to shower walls or doors or other areas of high humidity that cause condensation.¬†Each Livi planter comes with a 2 ‚ÄĚpot that can be inserted into the planter so you can add and remove plants easily.¬†The excess water is drained into the space below, which serves as a water reservoir for the plant.¬†A dropper is also included in case of excessive watering, so you can remove excess water without removing the bit from its seat.¬†The planter measures 6 "x 6" and is available in 5 different colors.


  • Our Livi collection of palm vases contains a color of white, lemon, yellow, blue and purple.¬†
  • Growing herbs and plants inside is easier by turning the windows and walls upwards.¬†walls
  • These cuties are great for your plant nursery or craft materials, such as colored pencils and markers.¬†
  • Leavey's palms are made of innovative nanotechnological material.¬†like windows indefinitely.¬†
  • Start with one color of each color in this collection and continue adding as many as you like!¬†

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