Indoors Fireworks Show


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Enjoy incredible light from the comfort of your sofa during the indoor fireworks show.¬†No more waiting for the holidays, just turn off the lights and design an unusual and realistic show that will take your family’s breath away.

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You can run fireworks in your home anytime, 365 days.¬†The "burst" fireball first rises over the surface of the house wall.¬†And upon arrival at the point of arrival, five types of large fireworks are launched at random.¬†The sound of four small fireworks and forces direct the ‚Äúfireworks in the house‚ÄĚ.¬†In this mode, there is a mode in which the fireworks display mode (starts automatically) includes five types and manual control of an engine, as well as a mode in which you can create original fireworks.¬†Type [a pipe and Kodama] with 4 pipes and fireworks [fireworks / Odam] about 55 types!¬†It starts very well.


  • Power supply;¬†4 AA alkaline batteries