Inflatable Star Trek Captain’s Chair


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Follow in Kirk and Picard’s footsteps as he sits in the Star Trek captain’s inflatable chair. The chair comfortably accommodates an adult Trekkie and is equipped with a variety of lamps and buttons painted on the armrest so that you can fulfill your captain’s fantasies.

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You are the youngest captain in the Starfleet. His lieutenants gather around him, desperately fighting for his approval and satisfying his every whim. They set out on missions to distant worlds and come back with new and strange food. (Rigel cabbage? Ugh!) And there was that red shirt that his junior officer called "Uncle Joe". God, wasn't he upset by the ruthless games of Got Your Nose? You couldn't be happier that he never came back (and that he got his nose back before he left). Jumping through space is a game for young people, and you have all your youth ahead of you. Sit in the captain's inflatable chair, assemble a team on the bridge and start exploring. Invented at ThinkGeek, this chair is suitable for small geeks between the ages of 3 and a young adult or up to around 120 pounds. All types of buttons and indicators are printed on the sleeves to stimulate the imagination, including setting red or yellow warnings or ejecting a capsule. The only thing missing is the most adorable captain in the quadrant - your son! Product specifications - For children from 3 years to young adults - Inflatable captain's seat allows your little geek to take control - Various buttons and indicators printed on the hands for imagination - The captain can set Red Warning, Yellow Warning or choose Jettison capsule - Officially licensed Star Trek Collectible - Maximum weight: 54 kg - Dimensions (inflated): Approx. 70 cm high x 74 cm wide x 45 cm deep


  • - Maximum weight 54 kg (120 lbs)
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