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Instant Bag Hanging Clip


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Do not place your designer bag on the dirty floor while carrying this instant hook with you. Just open the round accessory and place one of the rubberized ends on the edge of your table to hang your bag conveniently at your side.

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  • Imported
  • Find it instantly: unlike other bag hooks, Clipa does not fit in your bag.¬†Just attach it to the handle of your wallet, where it will always be close at hand when you need it.¬†
  • A modern snap ring that can be used in more places to hang your bag on the floor, away from dirt, bacteria and liquids.¬†...
  • No adjustment needed: remains on the shoulder strap for quick use.¬†Attach it to your car's headrest as a cargo hook for easy storage while driving.¬†
  • High strength coated triple alloy suitable for pouch hardware.¬†Matte gold, zirconium nitride PVD coating.¬†It can be a simple decoration for your purse or bracelet.¬†
  • Clip 2 is our best purse holder.¬†High quality construction and excellent selling price.¬†Hang your bag in more places to protect yourself from bad weather and thieves.¬†

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