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iPhone Stun Gun Case


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The stun gun case for iPhone is the only case on the market that can be used as a personal bodyguard. In addition to protecting your precious iPhone, the case comes with a built-in stun gun, capable of delivering up to 7,000,000 volts to an attacker.

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  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL DESIGN: The Yellow Jacket Smart Shock phone case is the only 3-in-1 self-defense multifunctional phone accessory for your iPhone 7 / 7s & amp;¬†8. Protect yourself, protect your phone and charge your battery.¬†The patented design of the Yellow Jacket includes a very durable protective smartphone cover, a detachable 7+ / 5.0mAh microcoulomb shock gun and a built-in 3800mAh battery.¬†
  • SELF-DEFENSE: the Yellow Jacket stun gun is one of them.¬†the maximum power stun gun (5.0mAh) on the market and the only stun gun that charges your phone.¬†The stun gun is hidden in the body of the smartphone so discreetly that it does not attract suspicion or attention when you carry it in your hand, and it will be the best element of surprise.¬†The strong, shiny stun gun causes a painful bite thanks to its 7 + microcoulomb / 5.0 mAh stopping power, which immediately makes your attacker obey.¬†
  • SECURITY & amp;¬†EASY TO USE: The Yellow Jacket Taser smartphone case is completely safe and easy to use.¬†Safety features include a double trigger system to prevent accidental discharge, and a double-sided trigger makes activation convenient.¬†Our LED indicator located at the rear lets you know how much power is left in the battery.¬†
  • DURATION AND VERSATILITY.¬†The body of the stun gun smartphone is made of durable PC and durable material.¬†Hard ABS plastic and soft TPU plastic, which are durable enough to protect your smartphone from accidental drops and wear & amp;¬†to tear apart.¬†Its outer coating is also waterproof, making it suitable for use in many conditions.¬†The stun gun is removed and hidden in the box until you need it.¬†Our built-in 3800mAh backup battery provides up to an additional 20 hours of standby time.¬†
  • WHY THE YELLOW JACKET: Many people are uncomfortable carrying weapons of lethal power, so the Yellow Jacket is armed with an equally lethal form of protection.¬†Most Americans carry a cell phone every day, so our taser smartphone cover is the perfect protection solution as it can be easily charged with the phone, making it easy to access and practical.¬†This is not a stun gun that looks like a phone, it is a modern phone case that protects you and your phone.¬†

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