Kangaroo Home Security Motion Sensor


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Keep an eye on your domain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, installing a Kangaroo Home Security motion sensor in your humble home. It features a compact and discreet design that blends perfectly with the decor and instantly alerts your phone when movement is detected.

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  • Security for all: do you have a smartphone, Wi-Fi and a place to monitor?¬†Our KANGAROO motion sensor will help you.¬†A simple step towards a safer home.¬†The motion sensor detects movement and sends an alert directly to your phone.¬†Choose to monitor your home with our free Basic Plan or go further with our complete plan, which includes professional monitoring features.¬†Great for controlling apartments, bedrooms, dorms or entire houses!¬†
  • Pet abandonment technology: nothing is worse than a day full of false positives.¬†We have developed a special configuration for parents of pets, through which the application will guide you conveniently, preventing Fido from activating your sensors.¬†Check out our comments and you will see: the pets' parents are happy!¬†
  • Choose your plan: one plan is not for everyone.¬†With KANGAROO, you can monitor your home for free or sign up for additional help.¬†KANGAROO basic allows you to receive unlimited user invitations and send push notifications.¬†This is a great option for your own home or low-risk space.¬†KANGAROO Complete offers you the added bonus of text and voice notifications, Alexa INTEGRATION and even the ability to have a professional monitoring center to follow you if you miss an alert.¬†
  • UP TO 20% OFF: When choosing Kangaroo Complete, you will be entitled to receive up to 20% discount on home or tenant insurance from providers like State Farm, Allstate, Farmers, Liberty, Travelers, USAA, Nationwide, Chubb and many more.¬†We take care of all the tedious paperwork, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind with just $ 5 a month, paid annually.¬†