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Keurig K-Mini


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The Keurig K-Mini allows you to enjoy a high quality roast almost anywhere. It can produce beer up to 12 ounces, has ample storage space, large enough to hold up to 9 capsules and a slim 5-inch design, making it perfect for just about any countertop.

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Product Details

The Keurig K-Mini Plus single-service coffee maker features a sleek new design and a width of less than 5 inches - the perfect size for any room and any occasion. The K-Mini Plus Brewery is very easy to use - just add fresh water to the removable tank, insert your favorite K-Cup, press the brew button and enjoy delicious freshly brewed coffee in minutes. Choose from hundreds of delicious K-Cup capsules to enjoy 6-12 ounces of your favorite coffee, tea, cocoa and cold drinks. And for those who like a stronger drink, press the Forte button to increase the strength and the boldest flavor of your coffee. With a removable one-cup reservoir, a capsule storage unit to store 9 of your favorite K-Cup capsules and a cable storage space, the K-Mini Plus coffee maker is a portable brewery perfect for making great coffee in any place.


  • Included: Keurig K-mini plus coffee maker per serving with storage compartment that fits in your brewery and accommodates up to 9 K-cups.¬†
  • Fast & amp;¬†Freshly brewed: Coffee is brewed in minutes.¬†
  • Capsule storage: holds 9 K-cup capsules and fits in your brewery for maximum portability and space saving at the counter.¬†
  • Storage with a handle: for easy transport and storage of the table top.¬†
  • Convenience for travel mugs: the removable tray accommodates travel mugs up to 7 inches high and contains a completely random drink for easy cleaning.¬†
  • Energy efficiency: The automatic switch-off function switches the coffee maker off 90 seconds after the last preparation, which helps to save energy.¬†
  • Compatible with my K-cup universal reusable coffee filter: Prepare your own ground coffee (sold separately).¬†
  • Matt effect: elegant simplicity and modern style, the K Mini Plus is available in a variety of matte colors with silver accents on the handle and on the drip tray.¬†

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