Labyrinth: The Board Game


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Jump to your favorite fantasy movie as you gather around the table to play Maze: The Board Game. You and four friends are tasked with guiding your character through a splendidly decorated board to save Toby from the goblin king.

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  • For 1-5 players from 6 years old.¬†30 minutes of playback.¬†
  • Based on Jim Henson's classic film about the maze.¬†
  • Sarah, Ludo, Sir Didimus and Hoggle must go through the maze and travel to the goblin city to escape.¬†Toby of Jareth, the Goblin King!¬†
  • The board is very simplified, beautifully illustrated and dominated by the maze of titles.¬†
  • Each game is differentiated by empty card slots.¬†
  • The game is very convenient and unpredictable, which gives the maze a unique appearance.¬†