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Laser Assisted Tactical Slingshot


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Make sure to always hit the target by shooting with this laser-assisted hunting bow and slingshot. Constructed with a sturdy stainless steel frame, this compact and versatile weapon is equipped with a laser pointer for greater accuracy and can fire both bullets and arrows.

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Product Details

Features: 1.MoreFarther Mufti-function Laser Slingshot (Slingbow) is good for training hand strength, focus, vision, hunting, etc. Used for medium-sized games for short distances and catapult of fitness for hunting and fishing. 2. All-metal and durable wrist support design, good hand feeling. 3. Use double springs on both sides to increase the intensity of the ejection, even if used by a beginner. 4. Aiming device, you can use the laser on it, also using an arrow holder, a slingshot product, two types of game. 5. Magnet design, used to carry ammunition or barrier, easy to transport and quick replacement of ammunition or barrier. Package including: 1 * MoreFarther Slingshot 4 * Elastic bands 200 * Shots Ammo Wrist support, arrowhead, laser and support, spare parts and hex key tips: 1, we suggest 200 pcs. Steel balls per package, if you need more, get extras. 2, Any questions, feel free to send us an email about the MoreFarther service card. Note 1. Follow the operating instructions and use in accordance with local regulations. 2, this is not a simple toy, but a professional hunting tool. 3. Children under the age of 12 must be supervised by their guardians and allowed to use them.


  • MoreFarther Hunting Slingshot is an ergonomic design for professional sling enthusiasts and recreational hunters. 
  • The laser slingshot function is a slingshot (using ammunition) and also a slingshot (using an arrow). 
  • Sturdy colored steel frame with wrist support frame, high accuracy of shot and elastic sling upper parts. 
  • Laser pole design - You can find all targets at night. Hit the target quickly and accurately. 
  • In the packaging: 1 MoreFarther slingshot, 4 rubber bands, 200 bullets and other pieces. 

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