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LED Foosball Table


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Elevate the glamor of your next foosball tournament by playing on this attractive LED foosball table. The table is equipped with a thin LED strip across the playing field, which gives table football players and the playing field a personalized glow.

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  • QUALITY FUSBALL TABLE PRO - An unbalanced foosball table with split bearings for faster and smoother kicks. Excellent ball control and the ability to receive any hitting. 
  • CLASSIC FOOTBALL TABLE DESIGN - 11 players per side in standard red and black players, unique goalkeeper design with sloping corners. The dimmable LED lighting added around the playing field comes with a remote control. 
  • STRONG CONSTRUCTION - Improved Pro-style ball return system, where the ball is directed to the center of the table without hoses. People gathered on the rods, which made it possible to complete the construction more quickly. Swiveling leveling feet make it easy to level on any surface. 
  • PLAYER SAFETY - Rod Guard system to protect children and adults. Helps prevent accidental injury from fast moving rods. 
  • OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT TABLE - Weighs 200 pounds. making it ideal for players of all skill levels. This is not a toy. Dimensions: 56 "(L), 30" (Width) and Height (36 ").

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