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LED Vanity Dimmable Mirror


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This LED makeup mirror provides the light you need to do your makeup the right way. This adjustable mirror has three smart touch-sensitive virtual buttons, so you can easily change the brightness or turn the lights on and off with a single touch.

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  • ★ Bright crystal light: the BEW lighted makeup mirror has a luxurious crystal frame, built-in LED with illumination of up to 200 lumens, this lighted makeup mirror can illuminate the darkest and poorly lit areas. The backlit makeup mirror is natural and soft, shiny, but not dazzling, it protects your eyes. 
  • ★ Virtual Smart Touch: The LED cosmetic mirror has 3 virtual touch buttons on the mirror. Easily turn on / off the courtesy mirror light, change colors and brightness with a light touch while doing makeup. Available in 3 colors: warm / natural / day. 
  • ★ HD Mirror Face: Hollywood L18 "x H16" cosmetic mirror for perfect mirroring. See exactly how your makeup will look in different lighting conditions, such as during the day, at night, at home and in the office, creating the right makeup for daily life, parties, business, etc. 
  • ★ SPIN 360 °: Adjust and fix the angle of the courtesy mirror on the table top for a perfect and comfortable viewing angle. A sturdy metal base and stainless steel support provide stability and allow you to put on jewelry or cosmetics. 
  • ★ DURABILITY: A 12 V adapter is included in the illuminated makeup mirror, the cable is 5 feet long, it was quite long. will combine more dressing table and makeup table. (The bags underwent 1000 drop tests before being sent to Amazon to ensure they are strong enough to safely protect the goods.)

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