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Light Bulb USB Humidifier


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Nourish your skin by creating pleasant ambient lighting in your room with this USB lamp humidifier. This small table humidifier has a small LED light that allows you to choose between seven different colors: yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green or indigo.

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  • The lamp humidifier uses food-grade materials, micro-ultrasonic atomization technology, atomizes evenly and completely hydrates, effectively blocks electrostatic drying caused by radiation, reduces damage to the body, the skin remains flexible and radiant . >
  • This gradient of colored light, heart-colored, beautiful colored night lights, adds unlimited colors to simulate your plant life, using non-toxic environmental protection plants, decorative stones, diagonal loading products, has the function of impurities of adsorption stones
  • This cold air humidifier can be placed vertically and placed at the bottom of the unique tilt design, design, multi-angle display, face switch, change to your charming smile, used to add flavor
  • ADAPTABLE: versatile connection options with USB cable and amplifier; The adapter offers flexible charging options. General USB power cable, practical and convenient spraying time 6 hours, water from the water tank can be sprayed for 10 hours, for a longer life of your machine, the use of mineral water is recommended, it is not recommended to add oil, vinegar, perfume, etc. 
  • Product standard: Sponge applicator and lighting humidifier, data line, instructions in English and universal USB and USB cable options. adapter

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