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Light Up 8x8x8 Cube


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Bring intrigue to any simple room with accent lighting provided by this 8x8x8 light cube. This Wi-Fi connected device is very easy to assemble and shines in a wide range of colors, allowing the display of animations and 3D images.

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Product Details

3D LED screen with Wi-Fi connection that will impress you! The L3D Cube consists of 512 colorful LEDs that feature vibrant visuals, attractive animations and beautiful graphics that will surprise friends, family and nearby wildlife. Each cube is preloaded with our most popular apps. But this is just the tip of the big iceberg. Upload new apps to your cube from CubeTube's ever-growing list, "YouTube Cubes"! For those of you with the creative spark, creating new apps on CubeTube to share with the world is an easy task. All cubes also have a built-in accelerometer and microphone for viewing mind-blowing interactive music. Each cube is powered by a particle photon using a powerful STM32 ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller and a Broadcom Wi-Fi chip (the same as Nest Protect). All hubs come with a 5VDC 2A adapter and microUSB cable.


  • L3D Cube is an 8x8x8 colored LED cube with Wi-Fi connection that can display incredible 3D images and animations.¬†
  • No programming is needed to get started - just create and add it to.¬†It comes preloaded with our most popular visualizations.¬†
  • Create and publish your own 3D applications on the Internet on CubeTube, Cubes Youtube!¬†
  • Comes with built-in accelerometer and microphone for mind-boggling interactive music visualizations!¬†
  • Delivered as an easy-to-assemble kit that takes 30 minutes to assemble - easier than an Ikea shelf!¬†

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