Lips Plumper


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Get those incredibly attractive lips that are in fashion without injecting fillers into your face, using full lips. He uses non-invasive suction to make his lips look fuller, so you too can only be famous on Instagram for his looks.

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  • đź‘„MADE IN AMERICA ~ Correct size is important for results - Wrong size? Contact me I will help! Suction problems? I can help! The amplifiers are made of rigid plastic. Our demos also show how auto-priming works. Self-priming allows you to control the level of enhancement to create a better lip line and overall lip fullness. Time and practice are important to achieve the best possible result! Small enough to put in the makeup bag before touching up the lipstick. Round lips instantly, perfect for special occasions! 
  • đź‘„ HOW TO GET Plump Lips: Fullips Lip Enhancer offers instant results. Just close your mouth by opening the product and gently retract for 15-30 seconds to avoid bruising. Sucking results in full, seductive lips. Results vary and are temporary, but usually last 1 to 4 hours. Lip augmentation tools are a great alternative for women who don't want to inject sore lips. Make your lips look plump with our lip enhancer! 
  • AMAZON'S LATEST ASSESSMENTS: “Let's be honest, it really works! I am so happy to have found and purchased this product. It's been almost 2 hours since I used it and my lips are still very full. Work! I was skeptical, but I was impressed with the results! I love that! It really worked. I was impressed! I am happy to know that it is compact and really does what I want - it gives me lips. This little prize makes me happy! I widen my lips in just a few minutes. "
  • WHY PEOPLE TOTALLY LOVE: we give tips on how to make your lip enhancer look better and longer! We also offer great customer service, we're here to HELP! Fullips is self-priming and can be difficult to use at the beginning, but WE CAN HELP! If you have any problems with suction, CONTACT US! The size of your lip augmentation device is important, so if you need help to size or buy the wrong size, WE WILL HELP YOU! Whatever you need, we are here to help you have fuller lips!
  • đź‘„ BUY TODAY WITHOUT RISK: We know that you will love the juicy appearance of your lips with this Fullips Lip Enhancer. for any reason you are not satisfied, we will refund your purchase. Fullips does NOT guarantee the safety of counterfeit amplifiers and is not responsible for any damage caused by them. Fullips Enhancers! Contact us for help with a fill enhancer. We're here to help!