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Living Wall Garden Starter Kit


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Bring the simple walls of your humble home to life with this living wall garden starter kit. Ideal for homes with limited space, this vertical garden installs in seconds, so you can keep your garden vibrant and healthy on any wall without creating clutter.

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Product Details

At Vertibloom, we think you have suffered from seeing this opaque white wall for a long time. That's why we designed the best Wall Garden starter kit! Our wall garden system will help you make your blind wall greener in no time, and our wall planters do not require complex irrigation systems or complicated maintenance methods. This is an easy way to create the inner flower pot of your dreams! With just a few basic tools, you can get your mounting plates from your wall-mounted garden kit. Then, arrange the fruits the way you want to create your own wall garden. Buy several starter kits to increase the size. The ways to mount your living room planter on the wall are really limited only by your imagination.


  • New in the box.¬†The product comes with all the necessary accessories.¬†

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