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Log Shaped Liquor Dispenser


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Serve flavored drinks by placing distilled beverages in this peculiar trunk-shaped beverage dispenser. Made from Ohio hardwood, they adapt to a wide variety of bottle sizes and are 20 inches high, making them the perfect size for any countertop.

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Product Details

This is real. It is not a cheap imitation. Show and serve your award-winning liquor in style! Our log liqueur dispensers are handcrafted from Ohio hardwoods harvested in the city. Each is about 9 inches tall and about 4-7 inches in diameter. On average, they weigh about 7 pounds. Because it is a natural product, no two are alike. They are finished by hand with a transparent water-based coating. On the way to the lead-free brass spout, the liquor is always contained in a safe material for food and drinks. The new and improved (patented) version offers a better seal for your favorite drink and accommodates almost all types of liquor bottles. In addition, you can empty the bottles even if they are not empty. Each comes with a handmade wooden handle and a black metal handle. And I really need to add that the liquor is not included! The beverage dispenser slides smoothly over the edge of the dispensing bar for tall glasses. Added bonus: now you can also use it as an alcohol bottle dispenser! You buy a dispenser, no jewelry or drink! Want to see it in action? Copy and paste the following into your browser: https: / /

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