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Long Exposure Light Stick


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The long exposure light stick will take your photography to the next level, creating some impressive visual effects. Simply configure your camera to slow down the shutter speed and then use the light stick to move around the frame and create amazing abstract art.

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Product Details

Easily add photorealistic images, abstract patterns and animation to your long-exposure and time-lapse photography. Pixelstick consists of 200 RGB color LEDs in a lightweight aluminum housing. The installed driver reads the images you downloaded or created from the SD card and displays them one line at a time on the LEDs. The images can be downloaded or created by you. The Pixelstick's incredible resolution and color gamut, combined with the ability to read custom images, means that your creativity is almost limitless. The firmware allows you to quickly correct the color, as well as adjust the speed, brightness and orientation. Pixelstick can even automatically zoom in on a sequence of images in multiple exposures, exposing light painting to the world of time-lapse photography and providing unprecedented scale and animation quality.


  • 200 RGB LEDs with diffusing lens.¬†
  • Sturdy aluminum housing with a matte black finish.¬†
  • Extension cable with foam reinforcement.¬†
  • Battery holder, battery cable and cable clips included.¬†
  • Divides in half for easy storage and transport in the included carrying case.¬†

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