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Magic Sakura Cherry Blossom Set


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Add vibrant colors to any room in your home by creating a Japanese-style garden with this magical set of cherry blossoms. Just support a paper tree, fill it with mortar and watch it turn into a small rose bush in an hour.

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Product Details

Magic Sakura Express your Zen qualities with these beautiful magical cherry trees, amazing miniature trees that really bloom. Sakura is a Japanese cherry tree that produces pink flowers every spring. Trees play an important role in Japanese life, taking pride of place outside most schools and public buildings, and when the flowers finally fall, there are Hanami (flower watching) parties under their branches. Well, now you can throw a Hanami party at your home or office with these magical miniature sakura trees. The tree has a comfortable height of 15.2 cm, which makes it the perfect size for empty spaces on your desk or sideboard. It is made of paper and is very easy to install and maintain. Just unfold and position, then sprinkle with some magic water from the kit, and after a few hours, the beautiful pink flower will blossom. So all you have to do is sit down, bathe in the beautiful flowers and write some haiku on your tree.


  • The delivery time is about 7 to 21 days. 
  • Includes magic water to activate flowers. 
  • Item dimensions: 15.2 cm. 
  • Flowers for approximately one month. 
  • Material: cardboard. 

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