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Magnetic Clothing Organization System


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Simplify washing by folding and storing more easily with a magnetic clothes organizer. It helps to fold things perfectly and has a magnetized surface so you can fold them easily and prevent your clothes from folding.

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  • Recycled plastic
  • Made in the USA.¬†
  • SIMPLIFIED CLOSED DRAWER ORGANIZATION - Goodbye dirty drawers and stacks of T-shirts!¬†Each individual 13.5 "by 11.5" divider (normal size) acts as a thin and flexible mini shelf, allowing t-shirts to be folded in an easy and organized way.¬†Pull the shirt through the middle without touching the stack, as each piece is separate from the others.¬†Ideal for use on shelves as a shelf divider or as a drawer divider to facilitate the use of a dresser!¬†T-shirts, polo shirts, LuLaRoe, etc.¬†Watch the video below.¬†
  • INFINITE OFFICE SHELVES - Like the combination of expandable file folder and letter tray organizer, EZSTAX makes a compact desktop organizer that takes up as much space as the papers you place on each well-bound shelf.¬†They are a great document organizer, file organizer, coupon organizer, invoice organizer and more.¬†Unfold and fold whenever you want!¬†Check out our EZSTAX File Organizers, also for sale on Amazon!¬†
  • ORGANIZED TRAVEL ACCESSORIES - EZSTAX are also innovative luggage organizers.¬†The stackable organizer fits perfectly in your suitcase to prevent your clothes from folding or folding.¬†Better than packing cubes, as there is no need to unpack.¬†Just pull whatever you want from the middle!¬†Never unzip again!¬†
  • FOLDERS AND DISASSEMBLY QUICKLY - EZSTAX acts as a folding tray for shirts and clothes sorter.¬†Fold directly into the EZSTAX, then fold and arrange your family's clothes in neat, straight stacks, folded as needed.¬†Just return the voids to the laundry room along with your dirty clothes to remodel!¬†Better than other t-shirt folders, since with EZSTAX you leave the shirt on a folding board that comes with the shirt in the closet to keep the piles organized at all times.¬†
  • PRACTICAL STORAGE AND TISSUE STORAGE - Use EZSTAX to sort and organize anything that folds flat, up to 10 "wide and up to 2" high.¬†They are excellent scrapbook paper organizers for your 8.5 x 11 inch consumables.¬†Storing fabrics, art and craft materials is made easy with EZSTAX !.¬†

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