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Magnetic Flashlight Mine


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Light up tight spaces with ease by tucking one of these magnetic flashlight mines. The cleverly designed flashlight frame features a variety of small magnets around you so you can direct the light in almost any direction you want.

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Product Details

Although not much smaller than a golf ball, the STKR magnetic mine is a powerful work light that can be used almost anywhere where lighting is needed. It features a bright wide-angle LED and 12 powerful rare earth magnets (neodymium) that allow it to be attached to any steel surface or placed on any surface and illuminates the workspace from almost any angle. Professionals, including automotive technicians, electricians, plumbers and HVAC contractors, will want to have one around because it is small enough to fit in tight spaces while still being able to direct a powerful beam of light where it is most needed .... With 12 rare earth magnets, it also acts as a tool for collecting fallen screws, nails and hardware. DIYers and homeowners will also find hundreds of uses for the STKR magnetic light mine. Use it when working on the engine, changing tires, installing home theater wiring, turning on a switch or crawling under a counter or sink. It adheres to the refrigerator, making it an indispensable flashlight for the whole family and great for use on camping trips. The uses are endless!


  • Light up tight spaces
  • 12 very powerful rare earth magnets allow you to aim in any direction. 
  • High-output luminous flux, wide angle, very bright LED
  • The legs act as tripods to direct the light when there is no metal to stick. 
  • Batteries included
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