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Magnetic Kitchen Knife Holder


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Keep your cutlery organized and easily accessible while you cook by placing them in the magnetic kitchen knife holder. It comes with mounting screws for easy installation and includes a set of powerful industrial magnets strong enough to hold knives of any size.

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Product Details

When it comes to kitchen knife holders, you need something that combines convenience, safety and good looks in one stunning product. In other words, you want everything! Fortunately, this magnetic knife holder came here to save the day! It is equipped with powerful industrial magnets embedded in a beautiful oak plank. Use the included mounting screws to hang it wherever you cook - on the stove, under the cupboard or near the kitchen island - and you will keep your cutlery within reach, but safe. Just choose the length you need to fit all your most reliable cutters and cutters and get ready to make the most of this world-class magnetic knife holder! In stock and ready to ship. Features: Powerful industrial magnets. The magnets are embedded in the oak wood. Mounting screws included. Specifications: Dimensions: 1 3/4 "H x 7/8" D. Includes: (1) kitchen knife holder. (2) Mounting screws.


  • Mounting screws included.¬†
  • Keep the knives within reach, but not in the way.¬†
  • Powerful industrial magnets.¬†
  • The number of knives each one holds depends on the size of the cutlery.¬†
  • Hang them wherever you prepare food.¬†

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