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Magnetic Light Switch Screws


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Increase the functionality of light switches in your home using these handy magnetic screws. They have a magnetized surface that is ideal for hanging things like house keys and other metal knick-knacks.

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  • GET OFF AN OLD CABINET AND KEY POWDER: Your guests will be pleasantly surprised when you hang your keys on this modern, dual-function magnetic key ring with a light switch. 
  • NEVER LOSE THE KEYS AGAIN: With a switch next to each door in your house, you will always have a convenient place to hang your keys. 
  • USA NEODYME SUPERFORTES MAGNETS TO GET UP TO 3 POUNDS: The magnets in the KeyCatch are so strong that you don't have to worry about the keys falling, swinging and scratching the wall. 
  • ASSEMBLY PER MINUTE: A handyman is not necessary. Just replace the bottom screw of any light switch with a KeyCatch and you're done. 
  • DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING FROM THE MAGNET: The magnet is powerful, but not enough to destroy an electronic keyring or car keys with remote entry. 

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