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Manscaping Lawn Mower 3.0


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Keep your body in shape by trimming the most intimate areas with the Manscaping 3.0 lawn mower. This low-waist trimmer features stainless steel snap-on blades that will quickly attack even the thickest and most disheveled shrubs.

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  • WHAT IS A LAWYER 3.0: Welcome to the latest in low-waist cut.¬†The 3.0 MANSCAPED lawn mower is the only trimmer you need to keep your masculine appearance tidy and clean.¬†Soft ceramic blades with advanced SkinSafe technology provide confidence when cutting from the waist down.¬†
  • FEATURES / BENEFITS: This high-end male trimmer is cordless, waterproof and can be charged with a USB fast charging dock.¬†maximum convenience.¬†It also comes with adjustable protectors for different lengths of hair.¬†Regardless of the chosen length, the cut will be straight.¬†In addition, the lawn mower 3.0 is equipped with stainless ceramic snap-on blades for hygiene and sharpness.¬†
  • MISSION: MANSCAPED created its line of tools and products for the face, body and other important men.¬†bits.¬†Our products help to preserve your skin by cutting, shaving, cleaning and gently caring for the skin.¬†Our mission is to create the highest quality products that will improve the quality of male care.¬†We strive to develop tools and formulas to enable all men to be the best version of themselves.¬†We are proud to create special products that help men feel more confident, comfortable and healthy.¬†
  • HOW TO USE: Fully charge the trimmer before first use.¬†The device will blink during charging.¬†When everything is ready for use, the light will be constant.¬†Then, you can use the trimmer for up to 90 minutes.¬†
  • PROTECT YOUR PURCHASE - To keep you and your lawn mower 3.0 performing optimally, change the blades regularly to keep them sharp, clean and rust free.¬†

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