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Massaging Bed Rest


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Stay in bed every morning, treat yourself to this massage bed rest.¬†It’s the perfect place to have a morning coffee, read a light book and get a first-rate massage – all before putting on your morning slippers.

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Product Details

Nap Massage bed rest. Relieves daily stress. Treat yourself to luxurious support and a relaxing massage in bed anytime! Covered with ultra-luxurious NapSoft material, our bed rest has a built-in massager to help relieve fatigue and muscle pain. The stimulating vibrating massage has two speeds - high or low. You can also choose an invigorating and pulsating massage program. Allows you to read, write and watch TV in comfort. The focused super bright LED light bends in any position, making reading and writing easy and comfortable. Large side pockets near you to store magazines, books, remote controls and reading glasses. There's even a built-in cup holder! Suitable for you and your bed. Fits any bed and supports all body shapes and sizes. Foldable for easy storage under the bed or in a closet. AC adapter included. Enjoy soothing support and a relaxing massage while reading, relaxing or watching TV. Book a massage bed rest in Brookstone. Important: Anyone who may be pregnant, have a pacemaker, have diabetes, phlebitis and / or thrombosis or have an increased risk of blood clots due to recent surgery should consult a doctor before using a massage device. for home use.

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