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Mechanical Combination Lock USB Drive


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Protect your data from prying eyes by storing it on a USB drive with a combination of mechanical lock.¬†Created from Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches, your information is stored in a 5-digit combination lock that is almost impossible to break.

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Product Details

Cryptex is a special container with a mechanical combination lock (revolving rings with letters or numbers) that people used for hundreds of years to keep secrets. Inside the cylinder was a chamber in which a piece of paper with classified data could be stored. Today it is better to use a USB flash drive to store data. The Cryptex USB Flash Drive is designed from Leonardo da Vinci's original sketches. A mechanical combination lock protects the USB flash drive from immediate access. You need to know the 5-digit code to access the USB stick hidden inside. It can only be used by those who know the password. A great way to not only protect information, but also to add a playful element to your daily life.


  • The mechanical combination lock accommodates a 32 GB USB 3.0 flash drive.¬†It can only be used by those who know the password.¬†
  • Size: 6.5x2x2 cm USB flash drive;¬†pocket 10x6,7x0,5 cm;¬†18x5,7x5,7 cm box
  • Note that the average memory transfer rate is 24 MB and does not use the full capacity of USB 3.0.¬†
  • High build quality.¬†Velvet pouch included.¬†

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