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Medical Grade Ear Wax Remover


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With this medical grade wax remover, you can easily and effectively remove the wax that has accumulated over the years. This slightly disgusting but strangely pleasant device is inserted into the opening of your ear and a solution of peroxide and warm water is poured over it, which removes the wax.

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  • Professional ear cleaning at home - The elephant-shaped ear flask system invented by the doctor was designed to provide professional-grade earwax removal for convenient home use.¬†
  • Eliminating earwax - The buildup and blockage of earwax can cause partial hearing loss and general discomfort.¬†This is the main reason for the failure of the hearing aid.¬†It is a quick and effective home remedy to remove excess ear wax.¬†
  • Easy to use - fill the bottle with ear cleaning solution, screw on the disposable tip and pull the trigger to spray into the ear canal.¬†
  • One-handed operation - Easily position and operate the elephant ear disk with one hand, allowing you to use the other for the otoscope or other instruments.¬†
  • Complete ear wash system - Each order includes an elephant ear bottle system with three disposable tips.¬†

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